Thursday, October 26, 2006


Pencil and photoshop


Bob said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog. Very varied stuff. Seems your good at a lot of different things. Are you the same Yoshi that created Helga from Atlantis? If that's so I have to thank you since I really love the character. There are not that many femme fatale's in animation!!!

chris chua said...

oooo, Yoshi, this is awesome! more...MORE!!

Virginia Valle said...

WONDERFUL,love the everything!!! more more please!!!

Aldo said...

Really really nice illustration!

Justin Ridge said...

I like it too! The colors are great!

ben rush said...


Hey! It's Ben! This stuff looks
phenominal. How is France?
I doubt you'll be able to read this
while buried under all your kids.

I have a new web site.
Please visit sometime!

Fabio Lai said...

Great atmosphere in this last one.

Congratulations for the high quality of your blog's artworks.

agnes said...

hey salut!
Ben, c marrant de tomber sur ton blog alors que t'es notre prof aux gobs en ce moment :)


Carlos Ruano said...

that's a illustration. I really love the colors you used, very inspiring.

Cheers from Barcelona

Alina Chau said...


AnJaka said...

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Good luck, yoshi

LauraBraga said...

Hi Yoshi!
Great blog!!! And this last one is a great illustration.
Awesome use of photoshop!!!


Kristin said...

Bonjour! Ca va? I just discovered your blog...and I am undone. How beautiful! This painting is my favorite. So subtle yet rich. Really, really lovely. I can't wait to see more. Best wishes from a fellow painter and new fan. :)

Nicha said...

I came across your blog whilst googling about Atlantis.
I loved Helga (the angles of her face, hair, and her gait). Thought she was a great addition to your cast.

To no surprise, your other works displayed are just as great.

You are so talented!!:)))))))

Anonymous said...